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Welcome To Vanguard

VANGUARD is a venture capital advisory boutique established in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs and business innovators as they charge into the constantly evolving real economies of today.

Since our success is consequential on the success of our clients and ventures, we at VANGUARD do not see ourselves as merely business consultants, rather we are your business partners. Our commitment to excellence and ethical practices are at the heart of everything that we do. As such, rest assured that your interests will always be our priority. Looking forwarded to work with you to achieve your inspired visions and strategic objectives.


Meet a Mentor

Entrepreneurs are regularly required to make vital decisions that may risk or threaten their business, and want to share ideas and thoughts with a person who have been in the same situation.

Vanguard’s team of professionals and entrepreneurs are offering a one-to-one mentorship session to go over the challenges you are facing and have an open discussion to help you make the right decision.

Brain Rider

BrainRider is a lengthy extension program that gives you access to a wide range of human resources and work experience without the need to incur high costs.

The mentoring meetings address a handful of topics including personal finance, trade finance, human resources, sales, marketing and technology related to beginners in entrepreneurship.


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Revolutionary Entrepreneurship

VANGUARD embraces revolutionary entrepreneurship at the core of all that it delivers. Whether it is the value that it delivers to its clients, the revolutionary ventures that it develops or even the way it carries out its internal operations, creative entrepreneurship is at the heart of its thinking.

Bespoke Tailoring

Fittingly, VANGUARD delivers bespoke solutions to each client. VANGUARD produces turnkey solutions with elements that are designed, selected, combined and developed to fit the specific requirements and particular circumstances of each client.

Excellence through Professionalism

VANGUARD aims to excel in all that it does. To VANGUARD, excellence is delivered through unsurpassed professionalism and is considered nothing but the perpetual process of perfection. A perpetual process by which it achieves the highest degree of mutual respect and trust with its clients.

Independence to Innovate

VANGUARD’s founders made a conscious decision to establish it as an independent firm; thus, instilling autonomy as part of its culture. VANGUARD is independent to innovate, create and act in the best interest of its clients. This independency allows VANGUARD to afford its clients an unsurpassed standard of secrecy, confidentiality and privacy.

Value Driven Team Spirit

The secret that enables VANGUARD to do what it does is its people. It is the team spirit that forms the cornerstone of VANGUARD’s corporate culture and drives the value in all that it does.

We are an innovative business advisory boutique. Through a bespoke development methodology, we assists its clients in realizing their aspirations and visionary business concepts into attractive business opportunities to interested venture capitalists, private equity investors and other institutional investors.

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