Our Services

Clinical Mentorship

We are looking to assist those who require complete mentorship advice without the need for extensive and costly reporting in order to ensure that these respective companies’ health is maintained.

Business Advisory

Our Business Advisory services help in the development and design of customized solutions for various business projects and schemes.

Corporate Support

VANGUARD offers a wide range of general services to support and assist companies and institutions, including incorporating companies and amending companies’ Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Family Business Governance

Family Business Governance provides holistic advisory services to family corporations in the Gulf region.


The proprietary Revolutionary Concepts Model “REVOCON™” provides VANGUARD with a flexible structure that guides the development of exceptional Ideas from a loose collection of ideas to tangible realizable concepts. The same process is also applicable for finding original solutions for today’s most vexing business problems. The following steps illustrate the “REVOCON™” processes:

  1. Concept Bank
  2. Brainstorming Session
  3. Brain Rider
  4. Venture Bank
  5. Venture Realization

Value 360

The proprietary Be-Spoke “Value 360™” process is the methodology by which VANGUARD delivers its Venture and Strategic Advisory service offerings. As such, it is at the core of what VANGUARD does. The following illustrates this methodology:

  1. Value Assessment
  2. Brain-storming Session
  3. Value Management
  4. Value Development

We are an innovative business advisory boutique. Through a bespoke development methodology, we assists its clients in realizing their aspirations and visionary business concepts into attractive business opportunities to interested venture capitalists, private equity investors and other institutional investors.

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