Clinical Mentorship

VANGUARD is revolutionizing the SME support market by operating its Clinical Mentorship Support service, wherein amateur entrepreneurs and SMEs from innumerable business backgrounds and sectors are presented with the opportunity of enlisting the mentorship of empathetic seasoned business people (with a proven track record and a thorough grasp of the market) to provide them with a medical consultation-style mentorship advice and support particularly during early critical phases of their business cycle.

VANGUARD is mainly targeting amateur entrepreneurs, SMEs, social-media-based businesses and home-based businesses, among others. It is looking to assist those who require complete mentorship advice without the need for extensive and costly reporting in order to ensure that these respective companies’ health is maintained.

Ultimately, through this service, VANGUARD’s mentors work on channeling their business acumen and expertise to aid these businesses particularly in terms of common business challenges including profitability, marketing, finance, governmental regulations, strategy and planning, leadership, achieving work/life balance, establishing priorities, among others. VANGUARD seeks to eradicate the isolation that most entrepreneurs and SMEs experience, aiding them in maximizing their business and personal performance and potential by supporting them in the pursuit of their business goals.

We are an innovative business advisory boutique. Through a bespoke development methodology, we assists its clients in realizing their aspirations and visionary business concepts into attractive business opportunities to interested venture capitalists, private equity investors and other institutional investors.

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